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16 May

Three Things Your Veterinarian Wants You To Know

Posted in Pets Galore on 16.05.13 by Merlyn

You are a responsible pet owner. You keep your pet up to date with their shots. You provide plenty of toys and treats. You give your pet unlimited attention and unconditional love. No one is more devoted to their pet than you are. Most pet owners feel the same way about their relationship with their pets, but many of them could use a few tips from their Houston veterinarian. Here are three things your vet wants you to know about your pet’s health and what you could be doing better.

Yearly Exams Are Important

Virtually all veterinarians agree that skipping yearly exams is the top offense committed by pet owners. Most people make sure to get their pet into the veterinarian’s office for vaccination, but the vet is otherwise a stranger to most animals. Keep in mind that a pet ages approximately seven human years annually, and substantial changes can take place during that time. What might have been a minor issue last year, such as dental staining or a heart murmur, could have developed into a serious condition like gingivitis or heart failure. Until your pet is seven years old, a wellness exam once a year is important to maintaining his health. Older animals may need more frequent visits to monitor their health.

All Pets Can Cause Allergies

Marketing campaigns often entice people with allergies to purchase a specific breed because they claim it is non-allergenic. The truth is, every pet can trigger allergies, even hairless animals like the Chinese Crested. Allergic reactions are not caused by an animal’s fur, but by its dander as well as a protein in its saliva. Some allergy sufferers are able to live with breeds that produce less dander, such as the bichon frise, but there is no guarantee for all people with allergies. The only measure you can take to make your pet less allergenic is to decrease the amount of dander. Weekly baths are the best way to accomplish this.

Meal Time Is Brain Time

Food bowls may be considered outdated by your Houston veterinarian. Instead, try feeding your pet with a food puzzle. These devices hold a full meal and are designed to make your pet work to release the food. This provides mental as well as physical stimulation, which work together to fight boredom and obesity. Start with an easy puzzle, then rotate more difficult designs into your pet’s routine to keep them interested. If your pet is sick or debilitated, however, use a bowl for meals.

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