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16 Apr

The Basics of Boat Insurance Explained

Posted in Business and Marketing on 16.04.13 by Merlyn

boatySome of the most exciting and fun recreational activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, and boating can actually be quite dangerous. Because these and other activities use high speeds, if collisions or other accidents occur then serious injuries may result. There are, however, precautionary measures that you can take to help minimize the risk of serious injury. Wearing protective gear such as helmets, thick body armor, and lifejackets will help absorb the impact in the case of collision. Although many people do not wear helmets while waterskiing or wakeboarding, it may be a good idea to do so. Educate yourself on safety standards that are commonly used such as lifting a bright warning flag if a skier is ever down in the water so that other boaters are aware that your skier is down and keep their distance. It is also a good idea to purchase New Orleans boat insurance to protect your boat in case of a collision and to cover any injury that you may cause to another person as a result of a collision with your boat.

Medical Coverage

Perhaps the most important coverage that your boat insurance policy can provide is medical coverage. An accident that results in a serious injury can have a long-lasting and even permanent effect on your health and can be extremely costly. It can be very assuring to know that your insurance policy would cover the medical bills resulting from injuries that you, your passengers, or your skiers received in a boating accident. Remember that your insurance policy will only pay for medical bills up to the specific predetermined amount that you agreed upon when you purchased the policy. You can generally higher your limits at any time, although you cannot higher them retroactively after an accident has occurred. Also, boat insurance can cover personal injury liability claims in case you hurt someone else that is not in your party. Since an instance of injury such as this could result in expensive court cases, it’s important to carry adequate coverage.

Property Coverage

Another part of New Orleans boat insurance liability coverage is for property damage or the damage that you might inflict on someone else’s property as a result of your negligence or poor decision. If you crash into someone else’s boat and cause damage, your insurance company will be responsible for the damages that occurred to the other person’s boat, at least up to the limit that is specified in your policy. Additionally, if your boat is damaged or ruined due to a covered risk such as accident or vandalism, your insurance company will pay to repair or replace your boat as well minus your deductible.


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