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28 Nov

Random Thoughts

Posted in Uncategorized on 28.11.12 by Merlyn

1. The Boy is back from debate camp. Two weeks in a college dorm just north of us. We got to see him half way through for lunch. He says he had fun and placed respectably in the tournament.

2. I really don’t know what to think of Sarah Palin resigning. Other than to say I wonder why it’s okay to make viscious attacks against her kids, but kids of other elected officials are stricly off-limits. Funny, that…

3. On the world stage. Believe me, I thought I would NEVER in a million years say this…I would feel much safer if Hillary were president. I just get the feeling that Obama may be just making it up as he goes along and does not have a clue. But time will tell.

4. How much longer until we admit that Obama has worsened the economic situation he “inherited” instead of looking back and blaming all the money-spending on Bush. Bush is no longer in charge…at least I thought he wasn’t. Maybe I’m wrong….

5. I find it funny that the vast majority of cars which qualify for purchase under the “clunkers for cash” program are foreign, while the government bought GM. Does this make sense to you? It’s like they’re just giving our money away to our new competition, since we all (well, all of us that actually pay taxes) now own a piece of GM.

6. Our garden got hammered by the tornado a few weeks ago. But the cucumbers survived and are producing, and we have a couple tomatoes. The peppers keep having blooms which fall off and never amount to anything. Maybe it was all too much for them…that, or all the weeding I do around them. Can’t stand weeds. Hate ‘em.

7. I had the house to myself for almost five days last week while The Boy was at camp and the spouse was flying. Very peaceful, those few days alone. But also (surprisingly) busy. Lots of weeds to pull, don’tcha know.

8. The Boy turns 15 this week, and he also starts driving this week (being parent-taught by The Spouse). One more year and he’ll be able to drive himself to and from tournaments!

9. I’ve been counting calories. Each and every one I eat or drink. This is a tedious, time intensive process at times. But….I’ve lost about 12 pounds give or take in the last three months. Slow and steady wins the race!

10. The best part about counting calories is I don’t have to totally deny myself anything…including fast food and alcohol…I just have to plan for it.

11. It’s surprising how burning many calories working out each week will allow you to eat more calories and still lose weight.

12. I know 4,200 calories sounds like a lot to have to burn, but did you know if you clean your house all in one day you will burn many, many, many calories? And then…you will get to have wine after cleaning!

13. Did I say I was worried about international events and the economy?

14. Did I mention that I don’t want to be forced to put mercury-laden “green” light bulbs in my house?

15. Well I am and I don’t.

16. Did anyone notice that unemployment is higher than it’s been in more than two decades? I’m just sayin’….does it make sense to throw good money after bad vs. letting the economy correct itself like it’s supposed to?

That is all.

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