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28 Nov

Random 44-Year-Old Thoughts

Posted in Uncategorized on 28.11.12 by Merlyn

1. I turned 44 today.

2. I also ate…a LOT. Like 3,200 calories-lot.

3. But I worked out too so that makes it all better, right? (NOT).

4. The Boy is out of school all week due to the pig flu…never mind that nobody in his school has it.

5. They’re calling it “Swine Break”.

6. And they won’t have to make up the days.

7. I’ve had this weird creeping poison ivy-esque rash thing for like two and a half weeks.

8. It’s gone away in some places and popped up in others. In fact – I think it’s spread to my face.

9. Clearly I must go somewhere amongst the unwell to get a cortizone shot or some special salve or something.

10. If you knew me, you would know that I am a border-line Monk – what with all the opeing doors with t-shirt hems and hand washing and refusing to use public pens and all.

11. No, I’m not wearing a mask and gloves when I go out and I don’t plan to.

12. But for God’s sake people..cover your damn faces and wash your damn hands after you cough and sneeze and STOP wiping your noses with your palms and then grabbing door handles. Yuck.

13. My forearm is on fire and my face is hot and they both itch…even with cortizone 10+.

14. So tomorrow I will share space with the unwell. But I damn sure will not use public pens, touch door handles or even put my hands on public counters.

15. Because I can’t afford to catch anything else or bring something back to the house.

16. Shut up, I am NOT Monk.

17. Am not.

18. That is all.

P.S. 44 wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have this creeping rash crud.

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