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01 Aug

Pet Ownership: Healthcare, Grooming, and Companionship

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Did you know that “pet ownership was shown to significantly reduce triglycerides”? Having a pet is a huge responsibility. Not only are pet owners responsible for keeping animals happy and safe, they are also required to maintain the pet’s health. A Carmel vet can keep your pet healthy, while providing tips to keep them active and groomed. Grooming is a very important aspect of maintaining your pet’s health. Dogs and cats always find something to get into, which means remnants of dirt, grass, and insects may be on their skin.


Longhair breed cats and dogs are usually groomed on a daily basis. Upon adopting a pet, owners are given systematic guidelines to take care of the animal. Some individuals go to the extent of blow-drying the animals’ hair. Although this is commonly done in a pet grooming facility, you should be cautious when using a hairdryer on animal. Pet owners prefer to groom animals often to decrease dander production. Many pet owners are allergic to pet dander and fur. However, the allergic reactions can be minimized by simply grooming your pet often. Longhair breed cats and dogs are not the only pets that must be groomed. Hairless cats must be bathed every day. This particular breed of cats is known to have an increase in oil production, which can cause “cat acne.” If you do not have the time to groom your pet often, you can simply purchase a brush or comb to keep the hair untangled. These items can be purchased at any pet store. You should ask the doctor for grooming references as well. If the veterinary clinic has a grooming facility, it would be beneficial to schedule a grooming and doctor’s appointment the same day.

Pet Ownership and Healing

People usually adopt pets for companionship. Pets can help people develop social skills, and heal from traumatic experiences. There is evidence suggesting that pet owners lead healthier lives. Medical professionals are beginning to adopt policies related to animal-assisted therapy. Animal-assisted therapy can improve a person’s emotional and cognitive functioning. This therapy is not limited to cats and dogs, domestic pets, marine mammals, and farm animals are used as well. Unfortunately, there are health risks associated with pets. Aside from allergies and asthma, pet owners must be careful with the diseases and parasites. These parasites are due to lack of treatment and hygienic issues. Injuries caused by pets are another major concern. The injuries include bites, falling injuries, and attacks. Animals are classified into two categories, which is domestic and wild. In addition to dogs and cats, domestic animals include horses, rabbits, rodents, goats, birds, fish, and alpacas.

Wild and Exotic Pets

Wild animals can be kept as pets, but certain jurisdictions often prohibit keeping certain animals as pets. Sheep’s are very docile animals, and are usually kept by farmers. Citizens are allowed to keep iguanas and turtles as lizards. However, crocodiles and snakes are usually prohibited. If you want to adopt an exotic or wild animal, you should speak to a Carmel vet first. The doctor will provide his or her expert opinion to keep you safe.

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