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16 May

The Road To Becoming A General Dentist

Posted in Health and Fitness on 16.05.13 by Merlyn

generalHave you dreamed ever since you were little of being a general dentist in Madison? It’s a very lofty and prestigious goal, one that is going to take a great deal of work, sacrifice and almost all of your time.

It’s not an impossible goal, but before you start down this road, you should understand what it is going to require of you. If you can make it through, the payoff will be great, and the free time and job satisfaction will both be what you expected.

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14 Apr

The Benefits Of Digital Hearing Aids

Posted in Health and Fitness on 14.04.13 by Merlyn

Those who suffer from a loss of hearing know the importance of a hearing aid. These tiny devices can completely change a person’s life. Most of us are familiar with clearly hearing a broad range of different noises, never having a problem hearing a phone conversation or the radio. People who suffer from hearing loss may begin to see a loss in the amount of sound that they can hear. This will cause them to turn up the television and radio to levels that will further damage their hearing. Some people might suffer from simply not being able to hear certain frequencies, though this can make it very difficult for them to understand people talking since we are constantly changing the pitch of our voice. Older hearing aids could only help to amplify sounds, but the digital hearing aids of today can do a lot more to help people with hearing problems. Here are some of the benefits that you get from a digital hearing aid that is from a local Boston digital hearing

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14 Apr

The Benefits Of B12 Injections

Posted in Health and Fitness on 14.04.13 by Merlyn

Everyone could use a little more energy sometimes.  Some people could use more than others.  For some of those people, they may be lacking a critical vitamin called B12.  B12 aids in many things such as red blood cell production and energy.  It can be found in a variety of food sources such as fish, beef, dairy, and eggs.  Some people market B12 injections as a form of weight loss and energy gain, however, this hasn’t been proven.  The only gain you will see from this injection is if you clinically have a deficiency.


Most people have heard of an iron deficiency, which causes anemia, however there is another kind that derives from a lack of vitamin

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13 Apr

Different Pain Management Techniques

Posted in Health and Fitness on 13.04.13 by Merlyn

8Chronic pain can be managed with several different methods including medicine and therapy. There are specialists that only practice pain management in Baltimore, but most general practitioners are able to prescribe sufficient treatment if the pain is due to an injury or illness that may resolve sometime in the near future. Each patient is different and will require a different level of treatment. It is up to the doctor to ensure that the patient receives the base amount of treatment without leaving the patient in constant pain.


The type of medications that a physician may prescribe depends on the length of time that you are projected to take it as well as the level of pain you are in. A mild pain will generally get over-the-counter acetaminophen or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.

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